Exibitions and artistic achievements


2013    collective exibition for vogue, Fotolux, Lucca

2012    Photo winner to the Blue@Vogue contest for Vertu constellation, exibition at the Circus Studio, fashion week 2012    

2011    "Watch & Click" Vogue collective exibition - Morando Palace -8 sept.

2011    Photo winner at the contest for the Tod's exibition in NY Tokyo and Milan

2008   "Milan, a Town of Water' Personal Exibition, Litta's Palace in Affori, Milan, (nov.08)  

2008    'Bodybook' group exibition, Genova, (May 08)

2008    Photo-gallery at the Capetown Cafè, Vigevano St. Milan

2008    Personal Exibition, 'Men, Disharmony, Dream and Light', Babele's Library (march. 08) 

2008    Photo exibition 'Stolen Kiss' at the Old Cafè in Magenta St. (feb.08) 

2006    Jerico gallery collective in Perugia ‘Imperfect Loves’ (Photos)

2004    Personal Photographic exib. At the Blob-art cafè, Perugia (‘Different Street’)

2004    Photogallery in 3 section during Umbria Jazz & Spoleto Festival (Morlacchi Cafè and Frontone Cinema, Perugia –  Canasta Cafè, Spoleto)

2000    Finalist at the Augusta Perusia Award for Short Stories, “Grifo d’Oro” Prize

1991    Pro Loco Award, Spoleto, best artist under-30, a collective exhibition

1990    3 Personal Painting Exhibitions at the Spoleto Festival


Publications and editorial experience


2015   5 covers for the writer Sveva Casati Modigliani (Corriere della sera)

2015    Cover Rachel Blaufeld: 'Absolution road' and 'Sterrengids..' Silvia Zucca 

2014    Cover Maria Duenas Usa/Spain/Australia: 'The heart has his reasons' 

2014    Book cover 'Alguna vez estuve muerto' Fernando Quiroz, Colombia  

2014    "Bella Donna" 'La Palme' mag. editorial, Florida

2013    "un eroe del nostro tempo" Vasco Pratolini - book cover BUR

2013     Fashionis collection  Jan. 2013 : clothes and accessories

2012     Alienina 2012 collection: jewelry

2012     Gilda Sancisi collection campaign: clothes and accessories

2012     Longanesi: Cover-book "Il caso Collini", Ferdinand Von Shirach  

            Rizzoli:  cover book "Inchiostro", Fernando Trias De bes 

              Arche Literatur (Germania): cover book "Des spate gestandnis des Tristan Sadler"  

2011     Sagep:  Cover for the "Sabbie Nobili" book - Luca Cozzani

2011     Rizzoli:  3 covers on Maria Venturi books (ed. BUR)

2010    Neri Pozza: cover "Paris-Brest" - Tanguy Viel

2010    Urban Management: Models tests 

2009    Gentry Portofino: 'Stop the Weist!' Campaign

2008    Fashion agency and Future Model agency : Models test 

2008    Lui magazine, editorial and cover

2007    CET (Tuscolan European Centre) Francesco Rapetti's site & Lmc Cd  

2006    “Overview mag.” Monthly magazine free press, photographic shoots

05-06  “Piacere magazine”Monthly magazine, Perugia: photographic shoots

2003    “Preferenze Avanzate s.r.l.” multimedia studio, Foligno: photographic reports & video shoots

2002    “The Italian cook between tradition and creativity” Angelo Paracucchi book press corrector

2001    “NuovoProgetto” monthly magazine of ‘Sermig’, Torino: interview and article

2001    “Rocca” fortnightly magazine of Pro Civitate Christiana, Assisi: photographs

97-01  “L’Arringo”monthly magazine in the Umbria region: collaborator to the editing and responsible for photos and music section

00-01  “Il Filo Di Arianna”, on-line publication: articles

2000    “Quick” monthly publication on leisure in the Umbria region: interviews and photographs

1999    “Fly” , monthly publication on leisure in the Umbria region: interviews and articles

1998    “Lone Star”Jeff Buckley’s Italian fantine: interviews & photographs

1995    “Airone” monthly magazine, G. Mondadori S.P.A.: illustrations


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