Photography is a true instrument of knowledge and, as an art, I believe it can contain many others, as when one can capture with a timely gesture and a sharp eye a dance step or any other full expression of life. Clearly photography is not life but it can be supportive of life itself: it can involve the innermost centre of the human sentiment by means of curiosity, daydreaming, provocation. Photography has the power to influence the public: in this context a lot of what translates to the final product depends on the purity of vision of the person taking the shot. I find that often the photographer’s motives invest the picture’s meaning a priori because there exists an inclination to look at life as one looks at oneself.
I was ten when I was handling my first camera and I have since then always felt the responsibility – alongside the fascination - of being able to capture in the best possible way the facets of life, of people that I intended to explore, of being able to understand and not misinterpret the purpose of doing this. Now that I am transforming passion into profession, I strive to accord reason and results. The impulse to share it with others has always come as second nature to me and I would like to offer a brief descriptive map of the forms that this practice has found through me:  


About the Portraits

I love shooting portraits. It’s a constant challenge and an opportunity to intimately know you have in front of you. Exploring humanity through pictures is a task to be accomplished with gentleness and patience. One has to get their hands dirty if necessary, and most of the times it is. One has to infiltrate gracefully into that world that lies beneath the skin. The photographer’s ability consists in getting rid of any mask and even before using a camera, he has to establish a personal channel of communication in which to find the best key to read a subject. I have always spent good time to do this and I have never considered it a waste. To welcome someone in your picture is like inviting them to your place and asking them to be comfortable on your sofa cushions, without knowing if they’ll like them or feel cosy. The portraits of this section are mostly free of context, with a view to detach them from time, lest something transitory might interfere. Albeit it is part of an illusion, I have enjoyed elevating the gestures and looks of these people, highlighting their unique beauty.

Giovan Battista D’Achille



Some  Testimonials




 "Jeff is an extremely talented photographer. I love the way that he is able to capture very interesting angles and compositions. His work is very artistic and imaginative. His pictures draw you in. You can't help but stare at them for hours.
I look forward to when he posts anything new.
He is a talented photographer."  Holly Fisher, photographer (Pinklilyblossom)

Giovanni is an amazing photographic artist – his style is reminiscent of the Italian renaissance masters with a spectacular 21st Century eye.
His composition and imagination are amazing and his techniques with colour and light are truly incredible.
A true poet and dramatist.     20 juin 07     Manel Ortega, photographer



"Un hermoso artista, intenso, sensible, muy unico. Su juego con la luz es impresionante, con ella expresa en demasía la tristeza, la alegria, la melancolia, la esperanza. Capta en sus modelos aquella simple mirada natural, aun sin perder aquella intensidad que se oculta tras los ojos. Hay tanta expresividad en tus fotos, sigue asi querido amigo."  Marco Diaz (Bizarro) Photographer & Art-designer - sept 07

"jeffelix69 is one of the most inspirational artists I know. The way he composes his shots is simply stunning and very personnal."   Ninja12 on Flickr


"When I first discovered Jeffelix's work I was instantly mesmerized by his ability to reveal vulnerability in each and every portrait. There is such depth of emotion and a beatuiful fragility that captures the essence of every individual. The longer I look at each image, the more I think is revealed about this incredible photographer. He has a magical, ethereal way of presenting images to the viewer that reach that inner part of each of us. He possesses a vision that goes beyond the surface, to the depths of the human experience. Each new image he creates is a work of art, conceived with brilliance. I feel fortunate to have discovered such an incredible talent. I feel I know him now through his work, I am positive, that in the not too distant future, the world will."                   Teldow/Terri (street Photographer - August '08)


"Where do I start?!
He has a great eye for art, & he surely knows what he's doing when he's photographing! He captures emotion in a way that makes me feel pain or happiness, in a good way!
He's a genius, to put it simple!"                      Bye-Bye-Omoide/ Victoria (Photographer)

"If I would be a model, (which I am not) - on the top of my list of photographers to be photographed by, would be Giovanni! He really captures delicacy, fragility and poetry, making our brutal world a little nicer, a little more tender.
He plays with light and shadow.
It is easy to understand why people would give total faith in him, his eye and his camera.
When you have an open heart, it is hard not to fall in love with Giovanni's work!
Grazie per mostrarci tutte le tue bellissime foto!"      Wim Durang


"Una fotografia elegante, poetica, piena di grazia e di sensualità. Giovanni si sperimenta con volti sempre nuovi e mai uguali a quelli precedenti e ogni volta riesce a rivivere un sogno chiamato fotografia.
Complimenti!"             Francesco Paolo Catalano  Photographer


"Le fotografie di Jeffelix69 ti catturano.
Riesce sempre a dare ai suoi scatti un aspetto tutto particolare e personale. Donne e uomini, occhi e bocche, tutto diventa un perfetta alchimia.
La natura gli appartiene e dalle sue foto questo risalta prepotentemente. Ci sono sempre aspetti bucolici, per così dire, e il paesaggio, l'erba, l'acqua, sono elementi importanti.
Uno dei fotografi migliori quì su flickr e non solo."          Fabio Astone, Photographer


"Amazing work and a unique style!"                 Brandon Wickenkamp

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